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Watch Artificial Intelligence Ios Tutorial

Watch guidance and how-to tutorial about Artificial Intelligence Ios Tutorial Core ML Tutorial: Create a Simple Machine Learning App - Image Classification by Brian Advent. Get the solution in 11:07 minutes. Published date 2017-06-09 20:30:01 and received 64,315 x hits, artificial+intelligence+ios+tutorial

TensorFlow Object Detection on iOS

Tutorial by Google Cloud Tech | 13:07 Minutes| 23,217 Views

In this interview of AI Adventures, Yufeng interviews Developer Advocate Sara Robinson to talk about a custom object detection iOS app she built to...

Seeing AI app from Microsoft

Tutorial by Microsoft | 01:33 Minutes| 217,100 Views

Seeing AI is a free app that narrates the world around you. Designed for the blind and low vision community, this ongoing research project...

YOLO Object Detection (TensorFlow tutorial)

Tutorial by Siraj Raval | 21:51 Minutes| 1,164,650 Views

You Only Look Once - this object detection algorithm is currently the state of the art, outperforming R-CNN and it's variants. I'll go into some...

Introducing Firebase Machine Learning

Tutorial by Firebase | 01:56 Minutes| 98,385 Views

Developers are increasingly relying on machine learning to enhance their app’s user experience, and only with finely-tuned machine learning models...

Envision AI for iOS and Android

Tutorial by The Blind Life | 15:59 Minutes| 14,425 Views

Envision AI is an app for iOS and Android which has similar features to Seeing AI. App Store link ►...

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