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Watch Django Celery Tutorial

Learn guidance and how-to tutorial about Django Celery Tutorial Learn Django Celery with RabbitMQ - Install and create new celery instance, Run a simple task Part 1 by Very Academy. Get the solution in 20:00 minutes. Published date 2020-08-13 11:33:44 and received 13,282 x hits, django+celery+tutorial

Sending Emails in Django With Celery

Tutorial by Pretty Printed | 23:20 Minutes| 41,765 Views

Celery is a nice tool to use when you don't want your users to wait for some process to finish when they request one of your views. In this video,...

My new course demo. django x celery x redis.

Tutorial by CodingEntrepreneurs | 07:05 Minutes| 6,510 Views

Course: Code: Celery turns your Django...

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