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Watch Avid Questions For Tutorials

Leitlinien und How-To-Tutorial über _A_ AVID - Jason's Social Studies Tutorial von LWashingtonHayfield lernen. Holen Sie sich die Lösung in 20:33 Minuten. Veröffentlichtes Datum 2013-12-23 18:29:21 und empfangen _G_ x Treffer, _L_

AVID - Jason's Social Studies Tutorial

Tutorial by LWashingtonHayfield | 20:33 Minutes| 43,420 Views

This is a video of an actual student conducting a tutorial for his social studies class. Throughout the video we can see the questions that his...

AVID Program Tutorials

Tutorial by James Gillespie | 04:24 Minutes| 6,560 Views

I would like to thank Coach Dickey for allowing me to take her wonderful footage and turn it into this video showing how AVID tutorials work.

How To Carry Out an AVID Tutorial Session

Tutorial by Jenn Liu | 07:47 Minutes| 13,646 Views

This video shows how to carry out an AVID tutorial session. Presented by the AVID class of 2018 at Waialua High and Intermediate School. instagram...

AVID Tutorial Request Form with NHS

Tutorial by Kathryn Coach 'B'aumgardner | 03:03 Minutes| 3,104 Views

Tutorials and the Tutorial Request Form (TRF) play a vital role in the AVID Elective class, while concurrently benefiting other content-area...


Tutorial by JoonSoo Lee | 03:38 Minutes| 397 Views

Ernest Righetti Senior AVID Class mock tutorial

LEE AVID Tutorial

Tutorial by Will Miller | 07:01 Minutes| 13,619 Views

The basic principles of how to conduct a collaborative learning group tutorial. Students need to understand that they are ultimately responsible...

Phrase Find Avid Media Composer

Tutorial by CueMotion | 03:38 Minutes| 2,817 Views

A very quick overview of ssing the Phrase Find option in Avid Media Composer. Pretty freaking sweet. Here's a link to a lot of Q&A on Avid...

Students: Filling out an AVID TRF Form

Tutorial by Kelsey Ogg | 15:41 Minutes| 9,718 Views

New to AVID? Or struggling to figure out how to fill in a TRF with something other than math or science? Check out the overview of the different...

AVID Tutor Interview Questions

Tutorial by AtoZ Interview | 01:10 Minutes| 761 Views

Interview Questions for AVID Tutor.What makes your comforts about an AVID Tutor position?Tell me about how you worked effectively under...

What is AVID An overview for students and parents

Tutorial by Spokane Public Schools | 05:01 Minutes| 92,504 Views

AVID is an elective course in college readiness for Spokane Public Schools 7th through 12th grade students in the middle of the academic pack. This...

AVID Tutorial 10-26-17

Tutorial by Badger Channel | 04:55 Minutes| 2,439 Views

Join an AVID tutorial in action to see students collaborating to assist each other with high level mathematics questions.

AVID - Reflecting About Tutorials

Tutorial by LWashingtonHayfield | 01:14 Minutes| 325 Views

In this video, AVID student Itzel and others in her tutorial group reflect orally upon their most recent tutorial experience.

#AskAvi: How & Why Did AVID Tutorials Start

Tutorial by AVID Center | 03:02 Minutes| 2,134 Views

When Mary Catherine Swanson developed AVID Tutorials in her classroom in 1980, she based this powerful collaborative learning tool on key research....

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