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Watch Python Setuptools Tutorial

Learn guidance and how-to tutorial about Python Setuptools Tutorial Lesson 8 - Python Applications Packaging with Setuptools by Django Lessons. Get the solution in 04:53 minutes. Published date 2020-01-08 10:05:06 and received 4,406 x hits, python+setuptools+tutorial

Creating Python Packages - Tutorial

Tutorial by Roberto Prevato | 11:59 Minutes| 9,432 Views

In this tutorial, I explain how to define custom Python packages. This is the first part of a series in which I explain how to create Python...

How to Setup a new Python Project

Tutorial by EuroPython 2014 | 24:45 Minutes| 41,927 Views

Setting up a new Python project from scratch can be quite hard. How to structure your files and directories. Where should my packages, modules,...

Publishing (Perfect) Python Packages on PyPi

Tutorial by Coding Tech | 29:27 Minutes| 14,899 Views

Always wanted to publish a package on PyPI, but didn't know where to start? This talk is for you! Starting with nothing, we'll build a package and...

Making sense of

Tutorial by New Zealand Python User Group | 27:31 Minutes| 25,225 Views

Tim McNamara This talk will guide you through the process of wrapping your scraps and scripts into...

Python Click Tutorials -Setuptools

Tutorial by JCharisTech & J-Secur1ty | 15:29 Minutes| 2,540 Views

In this tutorial we will be learning about how to use setup tools in python with click. Python Click Tutorial Code: ...

Installing SetupTools/easy_install

Tutorial by Michael Herman | 04:28 Minutes| 79,741 Views

In this video, I'm going to show you how to install easy_install, which makes it easier to download and install Python packages. I will also show...

Demystefying Setuptools Entry Points

Tutorial by New Zealand Python User Group | 38:27 Minutes| 2,643 Views

Phoenix Zerin Entry points are one of the most powerful, yet mysterious, ways to customise the behaviour...

Python Packaging from Init to Deploy

Tutorial by Next Day Video | 36:09 Minutes| 88,738 Views

Dave Forgac Python packaging really isn't that...

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