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Watch Vector Art Gimp Tutorial

Read guidance and how-to tutorial about Vector Art Gimp Tutorial Gimp Tutorial: Paths - The Basics (Vector Art Series Part 1) by Jackson Bates. Get the solution in 09:04 minutes. Published date 2008-05-20 17:00:39 and received 179,542 x hits, vector+art+gimp+tutorial

How To Create Vector Art Easily GIMP Tutorial.

Tutorial by Prince Chandra Tech | 07:30 Minutes| 74,407 Views

How To Create Vector Art Of Your Image. ~ Create amazing looking vector art for your images easily and use your vector art as your DP or Profile...

Turn Any Photo Into a Cartoon in GIMP

Tutorial by Davies Media Design | 12:42 Minutes| 16,341 Views

In this GIMP tutorial, I show you how to convert any photo into a cartoon or a comic book style illustration using GIMP 2.10.20! I use a...

Vector Effect with GIMP

Tutorial by markguimbao | 06:10 Minutes| 456 Views

Here's how I convert an image into vector graphic with GIMP. I'm not really good at it but I love the result. Credits to for the...

How To Make A Vector Image Using Gimp

Tutorial by Tech Kaushik | 12:00 Minutes| 1,282 Views


GIMP Tutorial: Design a Logo

Tutorial by Logos By Nick | 13:58 Minutes| 303,597 Views

How to create a simple logo using GIMP. I normally don't recommend using raster applications to create logos (vectors are ideal) but if you just...

Turn Photos Into Logos with GIMP

Tutorial by Logos By Nick | 15:27 Minutes| 1,492,740 Views

In today's tutorial I'll be demonstrating how to trace over a photo to create a logo using GIMP. Hand photo can be downloaded here: ...

VECTOR ART | Using Gimp 2.10.8 | TWICE Mina

Tutorial by WARB GONZAGA | 05:42 Minutes| 120 Views

Thanks for Watching! :) if you like the video please hit the LIKE button and if you want more videos and some interesting stuff SUBSCRIBE to my...

Turn Any Photo Into a Logo in GIMP 2.10

Tutorial by Davies Media Design | 48:58 Minutes| 58,738 Views

In this GIMP 2.10 tutorial, I show you how to turn any photo - in this particular case a portrait photo - and turn it into an awesome vector logo...

Create Cartoon Effect in Gimp

Tutorial by The Parchake | 16:46 Minutes| 6,500 Views

Follow me on Instagram Hi Friends .. Welcome To Our Channel............. In This Video I Will Show You How To...

GIMP | Create Beautiful Logos from any Image

Tutorial by GuruGal | 12:47 Minutes| 18,604 Views

Creating 2D Logos in GIMP is easy peasy! Take any image and turn it into a Logo. In this lesson we will be giving the paths dialog a real...

Cartoon Effect in Gimp

Tutorial by The Parchake | 13:51 Minutes| 74,011 Views

Follow me on Instagram Hi Friends .. in this video i will show you that how you can turn your image into cartoon...

Gimp Tutorial: Layered Landscape

Tutorial by Manuel Graphics | 21:10 Minutes| 30,261 Views

Hello and Welcome to a brand new tutorial, today in this tutorial we will be looking into how to create this awesome layered landscape in Gimp. If...

Creating Transparent Background Header with Gimp

Tutorial by Mojosiedlak | 06:22 Minutes| 2,287 Views

Basically I’m just beginning with Gimp. Can’t wait to learn more tricks! I typically create transparent backgrounds when I need a black and white...

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