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Art of Illusion tutorial 01: Getting Started

Tutorial by Thijs | 12:04 Minutes| 65,496 Views

NOTE: It is my personal opinion that these tutorials are quite outdated. Also, while I love the simplicity of Art of Illusion and still use it for...

Art of Illusion tutorial 27: UV mapping

Tutorial by Thijs | 26:17 Minutes| 1,337 Views

In this tutorial I will go over how to use the polymesh UV editor. Also I will give an alternative method to easily create UV maps with a program...

Art of Illusion Tutorial 13: The Array Tool

Tutorial by Thijs | 07:33 Minutes| 1,077 Views

In this video I will focus on the array tool, which is basically a smart way to copy/paste objects into your scene. You can download the program...

Art of Illusion Tutorial 16: Combining Meshes

Tutorial by Thijs | 04:48 Minutes| 1,699 Views

In this tutorial I will go into combining two meshes into one polymesh and why that would be a good method in some cases. Just a quick note, the...

Art of Illusion Tutorial 11: The Tube Tool

Tutorial by Thijs | 07:06 Minutes| 1,720 Views

In this tutorial I will show you how to easily create a tube object and how to make it into a hollow, yet solid tube. You can download the program...

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