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Watch Zoom Tutorial For Teachers

Katso ohjeita ja ohjeita Tutorial Tietoja _A_ _B_ by Learnit Training. Hanki ratkaisu 38:58 minuuttia. Julkaistu päivämäärä _J_ ja vastaanotettu _G_ X Hits, _L_

ZOOM for Teachers Tutorial

Tutorial by Learnit Training | 38:58 Minutes| 209,828 Views

ZOOM for Teachers Tutorial For certificates, exams, and badges, join our Patreon community: Join our online...

Zoom Tutorial for Teachers

Tutorial by Linda Kardamis | 06:59 Minutes| 72,247 Views

This is a quick tutorial for teachers who are trying to set up distance learning. You’ll learn how you can set up & start using zoom in just a few...

Zoom Tutorial for Teachers 2020

Tutorial by Miss Tech Queen | 12:20 Minutes| 2,808 Views

Check out this tutorial for more information on using ZOOM with your class. Click here ...

Zoom Tutorial For English Teachers

Tutorial by Mooncake English | 09:06 Minutes| 26,645 Views

Zoom Tutorial For English Teachers If you’re looking for a Zoom tutorial for English teachers then this is the video to help! Finding a good Zoom...

Learn the Basics of ZOOM (Teacher Tutorial)

Tutorial by Geneva Sambor | 13:50 Minutes| 5,048 Views

Teachers and admin can join OR host Zoom meetings in place of in-person meetings. This video will help you in learning how to use Zoom in under...

Zoom Tips for Teachers (10 Tips)

Tutorial by Grumo Media | 02:51 Minutes| 51,966 Views

Learn 10 top tips to use Zoom when teaching online. 1. Disable Audio/Video 2. Test audio 3. Test video 4. Enable waiting room 5. Lock meeting 6....

Zoom Meeting Tutorial for Teachers

Tutorial by EdTech Cafe | 05:25 Minutes| 211 Views

In this tutorial, we'll cover: - How to sign up for an account - Create a meeting - Invite students to a meeting - Mute & unmute participants -...

Zoom Classroom Tools & Breakout Rooms Tutorial

Tutorial by Rochford on Demand | 13:58 Minutes| 13,920 Views

ZOOM CLASSROOM TOOLS & BREAKOUT ROOMS// Are you one of the many educators who are currently challenged with learning how to teach online? Zoom is...

Teaching Using Zoom

Tutorial by Not So Wimpy Teacher | 13:21 Minutes| 262,620 Views

Zoom is a great tool for distance learning! With Zoom you can meet with your students via a video call. You can teach lessons, share a read aloud...

Tips for Teaching using Zoom #Zoom

Tutorial by Amanda Rose | 16:12 Minutes| 24,876 Views

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well and hopefully not stressing too much about the 2020 School year. As you know I taught Virtual Summer School...

Teach Online with Zoom - Beginners Tutorial

Tutorial by Teacher's Tech | 11:15 Minutes| 488,539 Views

This video tutorial will show you how to use Zoom for teaching. Zoom allows you to easily bring your classroom online. Teach online with Zoom with...

How to use the Whiteboard in Zoom

Tutorial by Flipped Classroom Tutorials | 04:31 Minutes| 550,615 Views

In this video I will show you everything you need to know about the Zoom Whiteboard. How you can use it for demonstrations, How you can use it to...

How to use Zoom for Remote and Online learning

Tutorial by Flipped Classroom Tutorials | 10:29 Minutes| 1,840,486 Views

Use Zoom for online teaching and learning. With Zoom you can meet online and organize meetings where students and teachers meet face to face! It's...

ZOOM Tutorial for Teachers (classroom teachers)

Tutorial by Simply Kinder | 32:25 Minutes| 143,097 Views

ZOOM is a great online platform that teachers can use for online teaching. But it can be a little intimidating and overwhelming. And so here is...

Tutorial on using Zoom for class instruction

Tutorial by Josh Blackman | 32:40 Minutes| 45,965 Views

This video is a recording of a live webinar I gave to my colleagues at the South Texas College of Law Houston. I summarize the tips here:

Teaching On Zoom Tutorial with Zoom Teaching Ideas

Tutorial by Mr and Mrs Social Studies | 20:21 Minutes| 1,703 Views

Teaching On Zoom Tutorial with Zoom Teaching Ideas If you will be teaching on Zoom this school year, this Zoom tutorial is for you! In this video,...

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