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Watch Krita Pixel Art Tutorial

Découvrez des conseils et un didacticiel sur Krita Pixel Art Tutorial How to setup Krita for pixel art - Krita pixel art tutorial par GDQuest. Obtenez la solution en 07:03 minutes. Date de publication 2015-07-30 06:43:42 et réception 141,984 x hits, krita+pixel+art+tutorial

How to set up Krita for Pixel Art

Tutorial by Astrognome | 05:31 Minutes| 42,480 Views

Extra tip that I forgot to include: Edit tiling textures by setting wraparound mode under the "view" menu at the top.

How to Export YOUR Pixel Art in Krita

Tutorial by TaniCorn | 00:56 Minutes| 86 Views

I just couldn't find any answers on how to EXPORT pixel art in krita just for plain old image sharing. So I messed around and finally found out how...

Tutorial: Use Krita for Pixel Art

Tutorial by kielkenny | 02:42 Minutes| 15 Views

Setup Krita for creating pixel art. If you want to create a sprite for a game engine you will need an editor. Krita is free and open source and can...

Pixel Art Animation In Krita 4 - Poison Pot

Tutorial by Sampo Pesonen | 03:12 Minutes| 3,702 Views

This pixelart was made for Twitter Pixeldailies. I still need to practice ALOT more animation. Krita 4 is actually amazing with its animation...

Como Fazer Pixel Art no Krita PASSO A PASSO

Tutorial by PIXEL PERFEITO | 07:43 Minutes| 10,211 Views

Quer saber como fazer Pixel Art no Krita passo a passo? Então esse vídeo é pra você! ✔ [CURSO GRÁTIS PIXEL ART] O...

Krita: PixelArt | Настройки Криты для PixelArt

Tutorial by Совятня | 05:33 Minutes| 19,406 Views

Из этого видео вы узнаете, как настроить Криту для работы в стиле PixelArt. Спасибо Константину Тру за обложку для этого видео! Константин - автор...

Pixel Art Tutorial In Krita

Tutorial by Spark Developer | 06:07 Minutes| 12 Views

Discord: Youtube:

Isometric PixelArt Building In Krita 4.1

Tutorial by Sampo Pesonen | 04:48 Minutes| 16,458 Views

Isometric pixel art practice made with Krita 4.1.7. I really like the isometric pixelart games and the art style generally. Maybe one day I will...

How to draw pixel art in Krita!

Tutorial by Chennakeshav Rasannagari | 09:19 Minutes| 96 Views

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make pixel art in Krita and import into unity.

Pixel Art Animation In Krita 4.3 (timelapse)

Tutorial by Sampo Pesonen | 04:21 Minutes| 562 Views

This pixel art was made for pixel dailies at twitter with theme of waste. I thought it was a good time to practice liquid animation in Krita....

[KRITA] Pixel Art Commission [TIMELAPSE]

Tutorial by Soulty Ragevin | 06:47 Minutes| 1,029 Views

Commissioned by hpantheon2 that I did during my livestream ________________________________________________________________ ◆Twitch: ...

6 Pixel Art Drawing Techniques

Tutorial by GDQuest | 07:43 Minutes| 673,922 Views

Let's look at 6 pixel art tips I learned while exploring pixel art, using the programs Aseprite: and Photoshop. Do you want to become...

Pixel Art com o Krita [TUTORIAL]

Tutorial by Indie Power | 47:13 Minutes| 5,928 Views

Entenda todo passo a passo para fazer Pixel Art utilizando o Krita, uma ferramenta de pintura digital com uma interface simples de ser usada em...

Pixelart Scenery In Krita 4.1

Tutorial by Sampo Pesonen | 04:51 Minutes| 912 Views

Timelapse pixelart scenary made for pixeldailies on topic "peaceful". The game dev has took all my time lately and havent had the time to make more...

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