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Watch Discord Bot Tutorial Python

Pelajari panduan dan cara tutorial tentang _A_ Python: Making a Discord bot (Part 1: Setup) oleh Lucas. Dapatkan solusi dalam 16:28 menit. Tanggal Diterbitkan 2019-04-13 06:15:53 dan menerima 508,964 x hits, discord+bot+tutorial+python

Python: Making a Discord bot (Part 1: Setup)

Tutorial by Lucas | 16:28 Minutes| 508,964 Views

In this video, we go over how to setup a discord bot in python using v1.0.1 (rewrite). If you have any suggestions for future videos,...

Python Discord Bot Tutorial: The Basics

Tutorial by Altix | 18:16 Minutes| 131 Views

In this video I go over the basics to the Discord API, making bot commands and events. I go over setup of a Discord Bot and make beginners...

Coding my own Discord Bot (programming tutorial)

Tutorial by TechLead Show | 16:31 Minutes| 62,797 Views

Ex-Google TechLead builds a custom Discord bot to support private channels via email whitelist (Join my Discord here In this...

Python: Making a Discord bot (Part 7: Cogs)

Tutorial by Lucas | 22:55 Minutes| 127,317 Views

In this video, we learn about cogs and how to implement them in a discord bot. If you have any suggestions for future videos, leave it in the...

Python Discord Bot Tutorial

Tutorial by ProTonTech | 04:26 Minutes| 233 Views

CODE DOWNLOAD: Do you want to create a Discord bot in Python your server fast? At the end, you are going...

Code Your Own Discord Bot - Basics (2021)

Tutorial by CodeLyon | 15:33 Minutes| 785,977 Views

Code your own Discord bot! Coding a discord bot isn't hard at all! with a couple of simple lines you can get a bot up and running on your server....

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