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Watch Digital Art Tutorial Gimp

Vedi la guida e il tutorial su Digital Art Tutorial Gimp How to use Gimp like an Artist (How to draw in Gimp) di GalacticsTutorials. Ottieni la soluzione in 21:54 minuti. Data di pubblicazione 2015-02-01 01:21:52 e hit 403,718 x ricevuti, digital+art+tutorial+gimp

Digital Painting Using GIMP

Tutorial by Klaber Ar† | 13:02 Minutes| 1,789 Views

Step by step tutorial on how to create a digital painting based on a photo of a landscape.

Painting in GIMP | Nebula | First Impressions

Tutorial by Mart's Struggle with Drawing | 32:38 Minutes| 4,746 Views

Hi Mart here, Today I'm trying to paint something in GIMP... it was a big struggle but at the end it does the job ;) Nebula - Guardians of the...

Watercolor Tutorial in Gimp

Tutorial by Desainew | 11:14 Minutes| 36,774 Views

Here I will share a simple tutorial. Create a watercolor effect on the photo in Gimp using simple trick. This tutorial is adapted from Adobe...

Gimp: Change a Photo Into a Digital Painting

Tutorial by gimp workshop | 10:57 Minutes| 9,032 Views

Change a photo into a digital painting with the 'symmetric nearest neighbour' filter, the smudge tool and several other techniques. Have fun! Gimp...

GIMP - From pencil sketch to digital color

Tutorial by Afens | 12:42 Minutes| 2,575 Views

This is a demonstration video about how to do a rough digital color using bare minimum available tools. It was dedicated for my friends at Facebook...

GIMP Grime Art Tutorial

Tutorial by Logos By Nick | 11:38 Minutes| 19,504 Views

In this tutorial I’ll be demonstrating how you can use GIMP to create grime art portraits. Grime art is a trendy form of digital art in which you...

Warcraft - Durotan (GIMP Speed Painting)

Tutorial by Johan Brits | 04:59 Minutes| 46,514 Views

Done with a desktop mouse in 7 hours. Music: Firebrand by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (...

How to Draw Line-Art - Gimp

Tutorial by buonopanda | 10:58 Minutes| 268,740 Views

If you get used to the "Paths Tool", then you don't need to use a tablet, just by your mouse ;) CONTACT US! YOUTUBE: ...

Mareep - painting in GIMP

Tutorial by Twarda8 | 22:54 Minutes| 13,368 Views

A painting done in GIMP based on a sketch done for Project Shiny Pokemon ( ) Tumblr - ...

Introduction Tutorial to Gimp:Learn how to draw

Tutorial by The Phelon Company | 07:31 Minutes| 187,224 Views

(Gimp Drawing Tutorial) Check out this simple Gimp tutorial by Game Developer AJ Phelon For more info about his new game click the link...


Tutorial by SMARTART | 03:36 Minutes| 28,752 Views

_______________________ PLEASE READ Here it is! I may make a tips video to propel one's mastery of the ink tool in GIMP. These are tips for those...

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