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Watch Kotlin Android App Tutorial

Pelajari panduan dan tutorial cara mengenai Kotlin Android App Tutorial Make Your First Simple Android App with Kotlin (Android Kotlin Tutorial for Beginners) oleh Reso Coder. Dapatkan penyelesaian dalam 09:26 minit. Tarikh diterbitkan 2017-11-17 18:00:01 dan menerima 170,632 x hit, kotlin+android+app+tutorial

Kotlin Tutorial for Beginners | Full Course

Tutorial by Telusko | 54:32 Minutes| 135,531 Views

1. Introduction – 04:13 2. Hello World Program – 08:31 3. How to create Android Project Using Kotlin – 18:38 4. Class & Object – 24:18 5. Var Val –...

Become an Android Kotlin Developer!

Tutorial by Udacity | 01:10 Minutes| 1,450 Views

Learn more: Android leads the market of mobile operating systems, with over 75% of...

Kotlin Course - Tutorial for Beginners

Tutorial by | 38:31 Minutes| 431,647 Views

Learn the Kotlin programming language in this introduction to Kotlin. Kotlin is a general purpose, open source, statically typed “pragmatic”...

Creating an Android Weather App using Kotlin

Tutorial by AndroDocs | 05:31 Minutes| 15,729 Views

This tutorial will help you on creating an android weather app using kotlin. For weather information we'll use OpenWeather Api. Github: ...

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