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Watch Digital Art Lighting Tutorial

Leer begeleiding en how-to-tutorial over _A_ Lighting tutorial | How to set up and experiment with dynamic lighting! door Kienan Lafferty. Download de oplossing in 50:36 minuten. Gepubliceerde datum 2019-08-26 19:45:13 en ontvangen 288,059 x hits, digital+art+lighting+tutorial

[TUTORIAL] Advanced Shading Elements

Tutorial by SomeNormalArtist | 39:45 Minutes| 616,279 Views

Wanna learn more than the basics of shading? Watch the entire video! --------------------------------------- Support me on Patreon! ...

Digital Painting Lighting and Color Keys

Tutorial by Marco Bucci | 09:59 Minutes| 133,578 Views

Full workshops: Instagram: Some thoughts and process on keying out a shot. Technical specs: ...

Procreate Lighting Tutorial

Tutorial by meowvian | 06:59 Minutes| 27,020 Views

Yo what I just noticed there's a dark spot on the video. There's probably dust in my camera aghhh. I really need something other than my phone to...

How to use Layers for lighting in digital art

Tutorial by Mohammed Agbadi | 17:05 Minutes| 132,362 Views

How to use Layers for lighting in digital art: In this video i talk about using layers to apply color to your shadows and highlights and how this...

Improve Your Art with Better Shadows

Tutorial by Sinix Design | 11:48 Minutes| 741,661 Views

This video is all about shadows. Making better shadow shapes, simplifying shadow details, and picking the right colors. Geared toward...

How to use spot lighting for digital art

Tutorial by Mohammed Agbadi | 14:42 Minutes| 148,947 Views

How to use Spot lighting for digital art: In this video i talk about using spot lighting, where the light is hitting just some parts of the...

Digital Painting Process Explained

Tutorial by Sam Does Arts | 08:57 Minutes| 339,148 Views

A lot of my followers on Instagram asked for tutorials so here's a general one that covers my digital painting process from colour blocking to...


Tutorial by Sara Tepes | 06:36 Minutes| 625,954 Views

Video is sponsored by GraphicStock. FREE 7 DAY TRIAL: Painted in 4 and a half hours in Krita. :) CHECK OUT MY...

[MediBang] Lighting - TUTORIAL

Tutorial by jyundee | 07:35 Minutes| 57,584 Views

I honestly need a break from making tutorial. These types of video take longer to edit than a simple timelapse video. I'll do more tutorials in the...

How to color digital art with dynamic lighting

Tutorial by Mohammed Agbadi | 13:43 Minutes| 111,545 Views

How to use dynamic lighting for digital art: In this video i talk about using dynamic lighting for coloring comics and digital art while...

The Rules of Digital Shading

Tutorial by Angel Ganev | 16:40 Minutes| 120,268 Views

I show you how to learn digital shading. ▶︎Support me on Patreon: ▶︎Download ALL project files: ...

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