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Leia orientação e tutorial de instruções sobre Avid Questions For Tutorials AVID - Jason's Social Studies Tutorial por LWashingtonHayfield. Obtenha a solução em 20:33 minutos. Data Publicada _J_ e recebeu 43,796 x hits, avid+questions+for+tutorials

AVID - Jason's Social Studies Tutorial

Tutorial by LWashingtonHayfield | 20:33 Minutes| 43,796 Views

This is a video of an actual student conducting a tutorial for his social studies class. Throughout the video we can see the questions that his...

LEE AVID Tutorial

Tutorial by Will Miller | 07:01 Minutes| 13,625 Views

The basic principles of how to conduct a collaborative learning group tutorial. Students need to understand that they are ultimately responsible...

What is AVID An overview for students and parents

Tutorial by Spokane Public Schools | 05:01 Minutes| 95,477 Views

AVID is an elective course in college readiness for Spokane Public Schools 7th through 12th grade students in the middle of the academic pack. This...

AVID - Reflecting About Tutorials

Tutorial by LWashingtonHayfield | 01:14 Minutes| 330 Views

In this video, AVID student Itzel and others in her tutorial group reflect orally upon their most recent tutorial experience.

AVID Tutorial 10-26-17

Tutorial by Badger Channel | 04:55 Minutes| 2,644 Views

Join an AVID tutorial in action to see students collaborating to assist each other with high level mathematics questions.

Phrase Find Avid Media Composer

Tutorial by CueMotion | 03:38 Minutes| 3,117 Views

A very quick overview of ssing the Phrase Find option in Avid Media Composer. Pretty freaking sweet. Here's a link to a lot of Q&A on Avid...


Tutorial by Paolina Schiro | 04:39 Minutes| 21,096 Views

Explanation of each component.


Tutorial by JoonSoo Lee | 03:38 Minutes| 448 Views

Ernest Righetti Senior AVID Class mock tutorial

Students: Filling out an AVID TRF Form

Tutorial by Kelsey Ogg | 15:41 Minutes| 10,545 Views

New to AVID? Or struggling to figure out how to fill in a TRF with something other than math or science? Check out the overview of the different...

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