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Прочитайте руководство и как урок о _A_ _B_ _C_. Получите решение в 45:41 минут. Опубликовано дата 2019-01-02 17:22:07 и получил 2,043,658 x Хиты, django+course

Django Full Course 2020

Tutorial by Programming Hub | 39:05 Minutes| 454 Views

Django Full Course 2020 Introduction So far, we’ve discussed how to build simple web pages using HTML and CSS, and how to use Git and GitHub in...

Python Django Crash Course

Tutorial by Traversy Media | 08:11 Minutes| 723,577 Views

Updated Django 2.x Crash Course - n this video I will cram as much as I can about the Python Django...

Django Tutorial for Beginners | Full Course

Tutorial by Telusko | 09:21 Minutes| 974,026 Views

Python tutorial : Github link for Code : 1. What is Django? –...

How I learned Django in 3 Months

Tutorial by Dennis Ivy | 08:02 Minutes| 168,601 Views

Much thanks to @CodingEntrepreneurs, @Traversy Media and @Corey Schafer for setting me on the right path when I first got started. Check these...

Python Django Crash Course

Tutorial by Traversy Media | 11:51 Minutes| 226,974 Views

In this Django 2.x crash course we will build a polling app based off the one from the docs. We will look at apps, views, models, urls, the shell...

Build Three Django Projects - Python Course

Tutorial by | 01:06 Minutes| 49,051 Views

Improve your Django skills by building 3 complete projects. In this course you will lean how to use Python and Django to build a URL shortener, a...

Understanding Django In 30 Minutes | Eduonix

Tutorial by Eduonix Learning Solutions | 25:41 Minutes| 42,905 Views

Welcome to another new video! This time we will be covering Django! It works great in various areas of Python web application like WSGI, Routing,...

Django Tutorial In Hindi

Tutorial by CodeWithHarry | 56:24 Minutes| 289,416 Views

►Source Code From Projects: ►For Doubt Solving, Brain Storming Sessions &...

Django crash course for beginners

Tutorial by JustDjango | 25:58 Minutes| 20,334 Views

This is a crash course of Django. If you're starting out in web development with Python then this is definitely for you. ☝...

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