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Watch Django Girls Tutorial

Просмотрите руководство и практическое руководство по Django Girls Tutorial Python Django Tutorial 2020 - Full Course for Beginners от Clever Programmer. Получите решение за 28:13 минут. Дата публикации 2019-09-13 15:03:50 и получено 508,985 x просмотров, django+girls+tutorial

How the Internet Works

Tutorial by Coding is for girls | 07:17 Minutes| 17,218 Views

Before we will jump into building our first website in Python, we need to know how the Internet works. It's not as complicated as it seems. I am...

Python Basics: Functions

Tutorial by Coding is for girls | 10:49 Minutes| 15,904 Views

Today we will learn how to write your own custom Python functions. You will learn how to write function with and without arguments (input) and how...

Django Models [Django Beginner Tutorial 4]

Tutorial by aksonai | 20:52 Minutes| 529 Views

Full tutorial here: This is part 4 of the Django Girls Tutorial: where we learn...

Installation - Django Girls

Tutorial by Django Girls Tutorials | 08:59 Minutes| 7,763 Views

In this tutorial you'll learn how to install the software setups required for Django Girls workshop. The softwares includes: 1. Python :- ...

How to learn Django for free

Tutorial by Pyplane | 04:51 Minutes| 595 Views

Discover free 5 resources online that will help you kick off with your Django journey if a effective way! 5. FREE EBOOK 4. Django...

PolyConf 14: Django Girls / Anna Warzecha

Tutorial by PolyConf | 03:25 Minutes| 328 Views

The talk will cover the idea of Django Girls, how it all started, what are future plans for Poland and for international chapters.

Python Basics: Sending E-mails

Tutorial by Coding is for girls | 14:14 Minutes| 22,478 Views

Time for a part 2 of writing a program to send e-mails from data stored in spreadsheet. Make sure to watch first part here: ...

First Django project Part 1

Tutorial by Django Girls Tutorials | 29:46 Minutes| 4,006 Views

This tutorial guides you in creating you first Django project.

Python - Introduction to Django - DjangoGirls

Tutorial by VitoshAcademy | 58:40 Minutes| 77 Views

This video is based on the DjangoGirls tutorial. It is considered to be for beginners into programming, still it really has a lot of advanced...

Django Girls Ho Intro

Tutorial by Noah Alorwu | 03:25 Minutes| 64 Views

Quick introducing of sponsors and purpose of the Django Girls Ho workshop held on 29 -30th September at KKHub in Ho.

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