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Watch Iphone Wallet App Tutorial

_C_ tarafından Iphone Wallet App Tutorial How to set up and use Apple Pay hakkındaki kılavuzu ve nasıl yapılır öğreticisini görün. Çözümü 05:39 dakika içinde alın. _J_ yayınlanma tarihi ve 731,127 x isabetleri alındı, iphone+wallet+app+tutorial

How to set up and use Apple Pay

Tutorial by How To Do It All | 05:39 Minutes| 731,127 Views

A lot of people who own an iPhone or an Apple Watch still don't use Apple Pay. And that's a shame because it's faster and more secure than using a...

How To Use Apple Pay

Tutorial by Tech Insider | 01:49 Minutes| 1,148,758 Views

With more and more stores implementing electronic card readers, making a mobile payment has never been easier. Here's how to add your debit or...

Apple Pay Cash Tutorial for iPhone

Tutorial by TheMacUdotcom | 03:13 Minutes| 1,374 Views

In this lesson from the full tutorial on What's New in iOS 11 see how to set up and use the new Apple Pay Cash feature in the Messages App! Learn...

How to use Apple Pay — Apple Support

Tutorial by Apple Support | 02:00 Minutes| 299,903 Views

With Apple Pay, you can easily and securely pay for items using your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or Mac. Learn more about how it works and where you...

Configurar Apple Pay en tu iPhone

Tutorial by Bankia | 01:06 Minutes| 69,137 Views

Apple Pay está en Bankia y la forma de configurarla en tu iPhone con tu tarjeta Bankia es muy fácil.

How to set up mobile wallet

Tutorial by | 02:12 Minutes| 41,598 Views

Mobile wallets are a convenient way to pay with your credit and debit cards using your smartphone. Here's how to add your favorite cards and set...

Como usar tu apple wallet !

Tutorial by IGURU Technology | 06:13 Minutes| 44,782 Views

esn este video rapido les enseńo lo mas basico de como empezar a usar su cartera virtual apple.

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