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Watch Blender Guru Beginner Tutorial

Xem hướng dẫn và hướng dẫn cách thực hiện về _A_ Blender Beginner Tutorial - Part 1 bởi Blender Guru. Lấy giải pháp trong 14:33 phút. Ngày xuất bản 2019-09-04 09:39:11 và nhận 8,226,003 x Lượt truy cập, blender+guru+beginner+tutorial

Blender Beginner Tutorial - Part 1

Tutorial by Blender Guru | 14:33 Minutes| 8,226,003 Views

Blender tutorial for beginners! The long awaited reboot of the popular donut tutorial, completely remade for Blender 2.8x. New videos will be...

Lighting for Beginners - Direction (Part 1/5)

Tutorial by Blender Guru | 17:17 Minutes| 194,441 Views

The first video of the lighting course. We cover light direction; how the position of a lamp can have intended and unintended effects on your...

Blender Beginner Modelling Tutorial - Part 1

Tutorial by Blender Guru | 17:58 Minutes| 1,013,818 Views

Blender modelling tutorial series! In this series you'll learn the fundamentals of modelling whilst making the designer Søborg Chair by...

Beginners Guide to Learning 3D Computer Graphics

Tutorial by Blender Guru | 09:03 Minutes| 3,009,537 Views

Watch the new donut beginners tutorial, remade for Blender 2.8: Interested in learning 3d animation, gaming, VR...

Blender 2.9 Beginner Tutorial - Part 1

Tutorial by CG Fast Track | 37:10 Minutes| 609,733 Views

Your journey awaits in this new Blender Beginner tutorial series. Dive into Blender 2.9 with CG professional Robby Branham! CG Fast Track Course...

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