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Watch Builder Gel Nails Tutorial

Xem hướng dẫn và hướng dẫn cách thực hiện về Builder Gel Nails Tutorial HOW TO DO YOUR OWN BUILDER GEL NAILS AT HOME | BEGINNER FRIENDLY của Jasmyn Destine. Nhận giải pháp sau 18:21 phút. Ngày xuất bản 2019-11-23 00:00:06 và đã nhận được 197,578 x lần truy cập, builder+gel+nails+tutorial

How To: Builder Gel Full Set

Tutorial by Kristina Kouture Nails | 20:00 Minutes| 38,038 Views

Hey loves welcome back to my channel you guys have been wanting to see me do a fullset of builder gel nails sooooo here it is lol! I miss you guys...

Sculpting Gel Nails - Step by Step Tutorial

Tutorial by Nail Career Education | 27:31 Minutes| 1,447,401 Views

Suzie shows how to create a beautiful set of Gel Nail Enhancements in this detailed, step by step tutorial. She also completes the look with...

How to Sculpt a Gel Nail on Natural Nails with IBD

Tutorial by Nail Art, Beauty, Travel and Music Videos | 14:04 Minutes| 3,253,663 Views

IBD GEL Refill Video on Natural Nails: Here is one way to sculpt a Clear Gel Nail using a form . I will show you...

Requested: Builder gel nail using dual forms

Tutorial by Moonlit and Polished | 13:57 Minutes| 149,811 Views

Products used in this video Builder gel $6.99*:

How To Do Builder Gel Nails *For Beginners*

Tutorial by Lani's World | 11:33 Minutes| 241 Views

Welcome back to ya gurl's channel! In this video I show you from start to finish on how to build these gel nails. If your new thanks for stopping...

How to Build Nails with Gel

Tutorial by The Nail Hub | 10:39 Minutes| 108,381 Views

Confused on how to build your apex with gel or how to get a smooth finish? Don't paint one layer at a time! Let the gel do what it does best by...

DIY Hard Gel Nails | IBD Gel Nails

Tutorial by Life With Candrice | 08:32 Minutes| 14,441 Views

Hello everyone I’m back with another IBD hard gel nail tutorial. I hope you enjoy, I also forgot to mention if you can’t get your hands on the “Gel...

Mistakes in Gel Nail Overlay

Tutorial by Nailcou | 07:43 Minutes| 530,438 Views

Mistakes in Gel Nail Overlay In this video, I will review the most common mistakes of natural nail gel overlay. Among them: Uneven surface Too...

What Builder Gel Should I Use

Tutorial by The Nail Hub | 20:44 Minutes| 101,356 Views

Gels come in all kinds of thicknesses and colors. So how do you know what gel to use when? Struggling with gel running all over the place? Or...

Nails using Builder Gel in a Bottle

Tutorial by mzgigibaby | 07:51 Minutes| 5,585 Views

Nails using Builder Gel in a Bottle Products Used Mia Secret Bio Builder Gel ASP Prep N' Clean Dehydrant Young...

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